FITNESS360 NYC is New York City's leading orthopedic and sports performance specialists.

We help our clients regain and maintain an active lifestyle, increase performance and decrease recovery.

Our process integrates multiple modalities into each session-- this is what sets us apart from other healthcare professionals.


  • We Assess to find the source of the problem

  • We use Massage Therapy to manage the pain, increase mobility and speed-up recovery

  • We use Rehab Treatments to reduce pain, swelling and treat the source of the problem

  • We use Corrective Exercise to fix the muscle imbalances causing the pain and dysfunctions

  • We Strength and Condition to prevent injuries and prepare you for daily life activities


Our Journey to PAIN-FREE performance services are:




90 MIN

The assessment helps us determine your dysfunctions and/or the source of your pain. We assess your body’s limitations such as biomechanics, jumping, landing, side-to-side activities, acceleration, deceleration, and strength compared to the opposite side.

Assessment includes:

- Movement Screening - Static Posture Screening

- Soft Tissue Assessment - Fitness Test

- Rehab Treatment Combined with Corrective Exercise

This will help us design a program that will not only help you reach your fitness goals, but it will also alleviate pain, heal injuries and prevent reoccurring conditions.

Soft Tissue_6.jpg


90 MIN

This treatment addresses a range of conditions including acute sports injuries, strains, sprains, muscle, tendon and ligament repairs, tendonitis, hand injuries, shoulder dislocation, foot or ankle dysfunction, surgery rehab, and acute or chronic musculoskeletal injuries. Our treatment is used as an extension of physical therapy.

Treatments include a combination of:

Orthopedic / Manual Therapy

Functional Activities / Muscle Reconditioning

Cupping Therapy / Athletic Taping

The initial stage of treatment reduces pain and promotes healing. Once pain and swelling are reduced, progressive reconditioning will begin.



60 MIN

Sports Massage: RECOVER and prevent injuries - designed for all athletic levels.

Stress Reduction: RELAX the nervous system and reduce stress.

Medical Massage: Treats a variety of diagnosed conditions such as Oncology, Endometriosis, Fibromyalgia, Auto-immune, and many more.

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Through corrective movement, Pilates ensures body and limb alignment. Each e

xercise focuses on improving mobility and flow of movement by targeting weaker muscles and decreasing pattern overload in overstimulated muscles.

Benefits of Pilates:

- Incorporate breathing to assist muscle relaxation during sustained stretches

- Promote sense of body awareness
for exercise preparation

- Gently move joints throughout their functional ranges of motion without bouncing or force.

Choose from two:

Performance Pilates

(a great complimentary to our corrective exercise program)

Rehab Pilates

(a great complimentary to our rehab treatments)



60 MIN

We target specific goals such as mobility, flexibility, balance and muscle correction. This is the next phase of our Rehab treatment.

Each Session Uses a Combination of:

- Myofascial Release Techniques

- Conditioning Exercises

As progress is made, the athlete and trainer will work together towards re-establishing a strength program



60 MIN

Strengthening & Conditioning: Workouts combine muscle activation, resistance training and circuits using resistance bands, dumbbells, cables and barbells.

All Sport and Activity specific exercises and training.

Performance: A combination of HIIT workouts and functional movements geared towards your specific sport/activity goals. Workouts incorporate battle ropes, sled, sprints, box jumps, kettle bells, and boxing.