Pain is the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong

Understanding the source of your pain or limitations will help you address them. This the most efficient way to improving performance levels and achieving your fitness goals faster.

Understanding your dysfunctions

Many of us suffer from pain and don’t understand why we are experiencing it, where exactly the source of the pain is coming from, or what the treatment options are.

Pain is the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. In reality, the source of your pain is your lifestyle, not your activity. It’s not your shoes. It’s not jumping. It’s not running or lifting. It’s not because your body is built different than everybody else. It’s the way you move. All of these things have contributed to your pain and dysfunctions.

If your pain is recent or mild, it may be the onset of a condition or illness that could worsen if not treated, making it imperative that you take preventative measures. Chronic or debilitating pain, on the other hand, could be associated with years of wear on your body or an underlying condition that eventually arose. Whatever your pain is, we are here to help you find the appropriate treatment plans to get you feeling your best and moving pain free. 

Resolving your dysfunctions

It’s not about orthotics, back braces, medications, injections or surgery. It’s about teaching you how to undo all that has happened in your body due to your lifestyle. Sitting for hours, leaning over while we work, breaking a bone or two, that bad accident, inactivity, or overuse—these things hinder the  “original design” of your body.

A majority of pain, as well as, sports or medical conditions can be relieved through manual therapy and corrective exercise.  It helps restore function and mobility and enables your body’s mechanics to function the way they are supposed to.

Understanding the source of your pain is key to treating the issue and avoiding chronic conditions. Through our assessments and programs, we are able to find the underlying cause of pain to properly diagnose, plan, and execute the best treatment program to get you back on the journey to pain-free performance.

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