About Us

We are experts in pain free movement.

Our mission is to train the body to perform optimally and pain free in any desired activity.

We do this by resolving restrictions, weaknesses, imbalances, and poor movement patterns that are developed from unnatural daily habits.



We specialize in pain management, pre and post rehab training, soft tissue treatments and athletic recovery treatments. 

Our goal is to heal and strengthen your body to help you maximize your comfort, speed and efficiency. 

We at FITNESS360 NYC are a highly skilled group of therapists and coaches who utilize a range of Soft tissue therapy techniques combined with corrective exercise, and functional training programs to correct your body’s imbalances, postural misalignments and movement dysfunctions.  

We begin with an assessment of your posture and movement patterns. If you participate in a particular sport or recreation we will assess your movement and biomechanics for those specific activities as well. Posture, soft tissue and joint mobility issues are the first things we look at and address by combining massage therapy techniques and corrective exercise. As mobility improves we integrate stretching, releasing and functional training progressions to improve core stability, mobility, and overall strength and performance.  

We bring awareness and give you knowledge of your specific body and movement patterns that lead to pain, and give you the understanding of how to bring yourself out of pain and regain your full athletic potential.